Lesson Planning and Routine Logs

Lesson plans serve as a daily guide for teachers and substitutes for orderly presentation of curriculum. Lesson plans may not be used as a substitute for classroom observation in the evaluation process. A classroom teacher may not be required to post his or her lesson plans on the internet.

A classroom teacher may not be required to make lesson plans available to parents or students.

A classroom teacher may not be required to include any of the following in his or her lesson plans:

  • Teach and re-teach strategies
  • Write to learn activities
  • Cultural diversity
  • Color coding
  • Listing content standards
  • Any other similar items which are not required to serve as a guide to the teacher or substitute for daily instruction

Any of the items that are prohibited as requirements above can only be offered as suggestions.

Additionally, classroom teachers must be free of unnecessary paper work so that they can focus their time on instruction. Therefore, classroom teachers may not be required to keep records or logs of routine contacts with parents or guardians.

For more information concerning your rights, please contact your building representative or AFT Staff Representative Ryan Michael.

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